Decorative Air Vents

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Right now it seems like we have a hundred projects going at the same time.   We are still working on trim for the refinished floors, touching up paint, finishing up a countertop, painting new rooms, wiring and the list goes on…

We just got all the trim we needed for the floors.  So, I’m hopeful we can mark that one finished soon enough.  However, we have had quite a bit of debate over the air vents in our home.  Since it is an old home, some of the air registers are on the floor, and some of them are on the wall.  Also, there were return air grilles in almost every room of the home. 

Yes, some of them are still in great shape, but they aren’t quite as pretty as the one above.  However, the owners before us started replacing many of these vents with standard metal grates.  I have been looking for a budget friendly way to address these horrible metal grates. and I just came across a tutorial for a better return air grille.  I think it will be worth trying or at least adding on our to-do list.

  1. Megan says:

    Wow, I really love this idea! I also have hideous air return grilles. 😦 I was re-wallpapering a room awhile back and I had to remove a grille from the wall to paper around the area. It was a big room and after removing the old paper, filling in grooves (courtesy of the previous owners who gouged the walls in nearly every room) in the walls with spackle, and finally getting the new paper up, I couldn’t find the grille. I was sort of happy because I just wanted to get a new one, but unfortunately, I unexpectedly found it on a closet floor. No idea how it ended up there, but I begrudgingly put it back up. But now, I feel inspired to copy an idea like this and finally replace the darn thing! So thanks for sharing!

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