Update a mirror

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Framing a large bathroom mirror (1)

I wish this bathroom was in my house.  I’m sad to say that it is not, but I love the idea of sprucing up an existing bathroom mirror.  Remodelaholic framed their bathroom mirror and updated the light fixtures to give their bathroom a more modern feel.

Without the light fixtures, this project was a mere$40.  I could see using this same technique to create a statement mirror in an entryway of our home next to a decorative table.


Staining baseboard and trim

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Wood Decking Recently we started to tackle the flooring in our home again.  One of the first projects we started was refinishing the original hardwood floors.  However, we never replaced the missing trim work.  Trim helps to finish off the room, and I can’t wait for it to be done!

It was pretty tricky to figure out what stain to use for the trim.  Should we match the floor color (English Chestnut) or the existing trim work in the home (Blond Maple).  These are very different, but they seem to work well together due to the color variegation created by the grain of the original wood floor.  Since we were unable to determine an appropriate way of matching the existing stain, we went with the floor color.  Also, we had leftover stain!

If we were really set on matching the existing baseboard and trim we would have had to create stain color to match.  This method seems somewhat problematic for our project however.  Since we are working with such a large area of the home, there is a great chance that we would run out of our custom stain.  If you choose to create a stain I would recommend creating more than you anticipate needing.

Modified coffee table desk

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Stock Photos: Wooden Coffee Table. Image: 4484883This isn’t exactly a home renovation project, but we have been trying to finish our office for quite awhile.  However, one of the main staples in an office is a desk, which we don’t have.  Well I have my desk from when I was in 4th grade that my parents so generously gave to us.  However, it doesn’t quite do the trick.

I was really excited to see that Blissfully Ever After was able to create a desk out of a coffee table because when we moved into this house we acquired quite a few hand-me-downs including an abundance of coffee and end tables.  In the tutorial they are able to find an old table for a good price on Craigslist.  I don’t tend to have the same luck with bargain finds like this, but I think I could modify a couple 4×4 fence posts to achieve a similar result and keep it within my budget.

Fixing a leaky faucet

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Royalty Free Stock Photography: Bath tub faucet. Image: 908357

Drip! Drip!! Drip!!!  All day and all night this is what I hear out of our bathroom.  Not only is it annoying, but we could be wasting almost 3 gallons of water per day.

With so many projects to do around the house, I’ve been looking for small projects that I can tackle on my own.  I am always a little nervous about demo work in this home because I am never quite sure what I am going to find.  A tutorial on repairing leaky faucets by Pretty Handy Girl was the motivation I needed.  The repair was quick and simple, and luckily for me there weren’t any surprises.

Just as the tutorial describes, I shut off the main water valve.  Then I went to work in the bathroom removing the handle and all the fittings.  Before I knew it I had a non-leaky faucet!

Cracked concrete remedy

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We almost never use our front door.  It is so much easier to come in from the driveway right to the backdoor of the house, which is probably why it is easy to forget that the stairs to our front porch are slowly pulling away from the house.  Originally I was really concerned it was a sign of a more serious issue with the home.  However, these stairs look as if they have been added to the house at a later time. 

I was exited to see a tutorial for repairing cracked concrete recently.  It looks like it is a relatively inexpensive, easy project to conquer.

We have been so wrapped up with football over the past few months, we have really started to get behind on projects.  This week we were determined to move something, anything over to the finished pile.  So, we took on the kitchen countertop.

We added several new cabinets to an empty space in the kitchen a few months ago, but we haven’t had the time to get the countertop installed.  The other kitchen counters are granite tile.  I’m not a huge fan, but I don’t want to replace everything in the kitchen either.  So, we decided to stick with the granite tile. 

After several trips to the store, we were finally ready to take on the challenge of installing a tile kitchen countertop.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  We secured the MDF to the cabinets.  Then we put down the backerboard, and finally we were able to put the tile down.  We used a tile adhesive to glue the tiles down to the countertop, which I would recommend putting on evenly.  This stuff is super strong, and at least for us there was little room for error.  Within a few minutes of putting the tiles down there was no moving them again.   Overall this was a relatively easy project that we were able to break up and do a little each night after work.

Trendy colors at High Point Market

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Even though  High Point Market has already past.  I’m still in love with some of the design ideas that came out of this year’s convention.  Blue, purple, neutral and orange were among the hot colors for interior decorating.  With the expetion of orange, these colors seem somewhat timeless.  I tend to like bright, bold colors, but looking through many photos from HPM, there are several great ways to incorporate neutrals into a room.

Trending Color: Neutrals